Sunday, June 22, 2008

Art Books

There are several books that I hope I will see in print some day.  Here are a few:

•  A large format book with close-ups of the heads of famous portraits.  (I think of this book every time I go to the Met in NYC and wish they had hung Sir Anthony van Dyck's portrait of James Stuart closer to the ground).  There is one book out there, Beyond the Naked Eye, which is an interesting foray into this style of art book (ie.  designed for artists!)

• Anthony Ryder's painting book.  He was beginning work on it several years ago after the success of his drawing book, The Artist's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing.

• Marvin Mattelson's painting book.  I don't know when he'll have the time to write it, especially with his perfectionist nature, but he has made plans for one.  He has been taping his lectures and demos for a while now, and will eventually transcribe hem.

•  Sir Frank Dicksee.  Simon Toll, who wrote Herbert James Draper:  A Life Study, was planning on writing a book on this fabulous artist.  I'd like to see more of his portraits.

Stanhope Forbes.  This Irish naturalist was part of the Newlyn School.  Though there have been books on him and the school, there isn't much out there currently.

Edmund Blair-Leighton.  Wonderful, beautiful work.

Saul Tepper.  I had forgotten how talented he was until I saw more of his originals at an illustration exhibit a few years ago.

Mead Schaeffer.  Another great American illustrator.

Dean Cornwell.  There is one book out there, Dean Cornwell:  Dean of Illustrators, but it's not enough.  Not only is the book very expensive (even the reprint), but there just aren't enough examples of his work in the book.

William Logsdail.  I've seen too few of this artist's work, and only one in person, but I love his brush strokes, and want to see more.

Jules Bastien-Lepage.  I hope more books are released on the French Naturalists like Bastien- Lepage, Émile Friant, and Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnon-Bouveret.

• The Charles Bargue Drawing Course as a poster book.  I'd love to see the drawing diagrams in this book as large, individual poster prints in a folio, which you could remove and copy.

•  I would list J.C. Leyendecker here, but thankfully there are two books scheduled for release later this year!  The Art of J.C. Leyendecker and J.C. Leyendecker.

more to come...

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Kristy Gordon said...

Yeah, that is so true! all these would make such good books! and you have good ideas for books to! Like the Bargue poster book really would be crazy handy!! and I would love a book of famous portraits head close-ups too!