Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jeremy Lipking's Solo Exhibition

Jeremy Lipking's solo show opens this weekend at the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, California.  I wish I could attend:  it is the first of his exhibits through Arcadia Gallery that I will be missing.  The catalog is for sale now through Arcadia, and I recommend it highly.


Kristy Gordon said...

WOW, that's such a nice invitation! I sure wish I could attend the opening!! Maayybbeee I might be able to make it down there sometime while the show is on though! I SURE hope so. I really dont want to miss it!

Justin Borders said...

I flew down just for the opening. I got to meet Jeremy and his wife Danielle. His work is so outstanding. I think he's a modern Seargent. Very few artists are of his caliber. I think they sold about twenty of the pieces. I truly think these works will hang in museums in the future. Whenever the United States gets around to building a Louvre they should be the first acquisitions.