Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shadow Box

The peonies are in bloom here, so yesterday I made a shadow box out of an old cardboard container and set up a still life to photograph.  Now I just need the time to paint from my reference.


artistnic said...

These peonies do look good. Mine are hot pink & not as lovely to paint.

How did you light your set up?

innisart said...

I used a decade-old iMac box, which I cut along a diagonal across opposite faces. I then painted it flat black on the inside.

I used a single light source, which was the Smith-Victor A120, with a 12" reflector and barn doors. The light was a 3200˚K ECT 500 W 120 V bulb.

I goofed around on my Nikon D70 for white balance. I didn't use my ExpoDisc to get the white balance, preferring to push the warms instead. I shot in jpeg and RAW format, knowing I could still play with the white balance later.

Unfortunately, I don't like the S-V barn doors, which only have two leaves. To help control the light reaching the flowers, and to cause bounce light in the shaded side, I used 20" X 30" pieces of white foamcore placed all around the shadow box.