Saturday, December 19, 2009

Massive Black Releases Donato DVD

Massive Black Media has teamed up with multi award-winning illustrator Donato Giancola to create a five-hour long instructional DVD available now for purchase. The video follows Donato over three days in the studio as he creates the painting, The Mechanic, a piece specifically designed for this new tutorial. Donato's processes, from gathering photo reference through the final touches on the painting are covered, as well as are his thoughts on having a career in illustration.

Chapters on the DVD include:

1. Photo Reference
2. Preliminary Drawing
3. Mounting the Drawing
4. The Starfield
5. Background Architecture
6. The Portrait
7. Spacesuit Part 1
8. Spacesuit Part 2
9. Career Insights
10. The Hands
11. The Tool Belt
12. Background Architecture 2
13. The Torpedo Tube
14. Final Touches

I have not seen the DVD myself yet, but the trailer looks great, and having known Donato now for more than 15 years*, I know the care and attention he puts into all of his works, including his teaching. I am sure it is great.

The tutorial is available as a download from the Massive Black website for $60.00, though there is a discount offer on the site's news page for 30% off all downloads (it looks like it should have expired before December 1st, but as it is still listed, it might be worth the try). You can also buy it from Donato's website as a hard copy for $60.00, and Donato will include an 8½" X 11" autographed print with each purchase.

* I am proud to say that Donato once modeled as a severed head for me, and that the two of us modeled together for another artist, with me as a Civil War soldier, and Donato as the hack, field surgeon sawing off my leg.


jetson joe said...

The discount does not is not avaliable as per restricted original date....The download is the way to go for best pricing...otherwise...all the Canadian customers me end up paying postage and customs...ouch....the value has dramatically increased. Besides once you have your download you can make a DVD of it for watching on other players besides your computer. This is really a great three hours...he shares a lot of information. Far far better than many of these other so called artist videos at outrageous prices for sometimes very little substance...Rent first to see if it is what you want...But this one is best downloaded.

Johan Derycke said...

I have it and I can highly recommend it.

jetson joe said...

News, news, news....The discount is back 15% up to and until Jan 1...So go get it now...Concept. Art. org

innisart said...

Thanks Jetson Joe!