Sunday, June 27, 2010

American Painting Video Magazine- Summer Issue

Yours truly providing a review of David Kassan's DVD Drawing Closer to Life

On June 14th, I travelled up to the American Painting Video Magazine studio for my next installment of instructional DVD reviews. Secretly, I love these taping sessions, not because I enjoy being on film- I am sure those of you who watched me review Robert Liberace's DVD in the premier issue will back me up when I say I am not yet comfortable in front of a camera- but because I get a sneak peek at the segments which will appear in the following edition. On this visit, I was able to watch a few minutes each of the sections featuring Stephen Perkins, Carl Samson, Scott Tallman Powers, and Daniel Sprick, and I was really blown away; watching skilled artists work, and listening to these same artists intelligently discuss their field is such an amazing treat. I feel more honored than ever to be featured alongside these talented people, and I cannot wait for the Summer issue to come out so I can watch these interviews in full.

Daniel Sprick

Scott Tallman Powers plein air demo

Brad Kunkle outside Arcadia Gallery before the opening of his sold-out solo show

A corner of Carl Samson's historic studio

Darren Kingsley drawing demo

Stephen Perkins

Kate Lehman, Dan Thompson , Michael Grimaldi

The studios of the Janus Collaborative

The Summer issue of American Painting Video Magazine is due out July 1st. The download fee is only $10 for nearly two-hours of realist art-related content. For more information, including updates and subscriptions, visit the APVM site.

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