Monday, October 25, 2010

Millennium Contest Prize Update

Last week, I received a package from brush-makers Rosemary & Co. containing their donation for the current contest's prize basket.  Inside were five of Rosemary's high-quality, handmade brushes:  four Series 279 Mongoose Long Flats (sizes 6, 4, 2, and 0), and 1 Series 278 Mongoose Long Filbert (size 6).  These are the brushes quickly finding their way into many of the top artists' brush quivers, and we all are very fortunate to receive this sponsorship from Rosemary & Co..

With contributions from New Traditions Art Panels, Accurasee, and Rosemary & Co., this is the largest prize (retail value over $120.00) yet available to participants in this blog's competitions.  The first person to correctly identify the 40 images in the contest (artist's name and painting title), and specify what the 40 paintings have in common will win this great collection of items.  So far, the contest is proving harder than I expected, so I will be posting clues weekly until someone wins.  Best of luck!


John said...

I've identified all but 4, and was certain I had the common theme until I saw the painting of the guys standing around the dead horses was painted in 1903. That ruined everything.

innisart said...

John -

Don't be fooled by that painting; It's unintentionally misleading. The 1903 version, pictured in the contest, is not the original. The original, painted around 1889, is still, to my knowledge, unlocated. I included that image to show diversity. Does that help?

John said...

Interesting. Yes, I do believe it does!

Barbara Andolsek Paintings said...

...just a comment regarding Rosemary & Co. I have purchased several of her fine brushes including the ones shown. They far surpass Langnickels in every way.