Monday, October 25, 2010

New Book of Paintings from Daniel Gerhartz

Liliedahl Video Productions is now taking pre-orders for Not Far from Home, the new book of paintings from American artist Daniel F. Gerhartz.  The 176 page hardcover appears to be the first volume in an unspecified number set containing Gerhartz's impressionistic paintings of serenity, spirituality, and a simpler life.  Shipping is expected to begin in the next few months.  The price of the book is $85, and can be ordered from the Liliedahl website.


Daniel Cruit said...

Love Mr. Gerhartz work; thanks for alerting us. I may have to make a purchase once I can find some cash (couch-diving not a viable option when you have no couch to dive in...)

innisart said...

We don't have a couch either- sold it to buy art books. (That's a lie- we tossed it after the cats shredded it. I'd LOVE to sell the cats to be able to buy more art books, though).