Friday, October 29, 2010

Millennial Mark Contest Solved!

Universelle Exposition de 1889, Paris

Accolades go to Nicholas Jainschigg from Rhode Island for not only correctly identifying all of the images in the Millennial Contest, but for also accurately deducing the thread which tied all of these paintings together.  Congratulations, Nick!

The paintings in this contest were all connected by a singular event;  all 40 were part of the same exhibit held in Paris at the Universelle Exposition de 1889.  This grouping represents only a small portion of the hundreds of magnificent paintings on view from May 5th through November 5th of that year;  America alone contributed 336 paintings to the event, and France contributed an even greater number.  With additional, significant works by artists from such countries as the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Russia, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, and England, it was likely one of the greatest displays of academic art ever held.


William Adolphe Bouguereau, Mother and Children, Le Repos, 1879

Thomas Hovenden, Last Moments of John Brown; 
John Brown Leaving the Jail on the Morning of his Execution;
 The Last Moments of John Brown, 1844

Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier, 1814; The French Campaign; The Campaign of France, 1861

James Carroll Beckwith, Portrait of William Walton, 1886

Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Horse Market at Cairo;  Hot Bargain, Cairo, 1884

Abbott Handerson Thayer, Winged Figure; Angel, 1888

Jules-Joseph Lefebvre, The Language of the Fan (Une Japonaise), 1882

Julian Alden Weir, Lengthening Shadows, 1887

Julius Gari Melchers, Communion; Communion Sunday in a Church in Holland, 1888

Jules-Adolphe-Aime-Louis Breton, The Song of the Lark, 1884

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, The Women of Amphissa, 1887

John Singer Sargent, Portrait of Mrs. R. [sic], Portrait of Mrs. Edward D. Boit, 1888

Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus, 1863

Lowell Birge Harrison, Novembre, 1881

Daniel Ridgway Knight, Hailing the Ferry; Hailing the Ferryman, 1888

Edmund Charles Tarbell, Portrait of Mme. T.; Portrait of Madame Tarbell, 1888

William Merritt Chase, Portrait of Mrs. C.; Portrait of a Lady in Black (Mrs. Leslie J. Cotton),

Joseph-Florentin-Léon Bonnat, The Barber of Suez, 1876

Frank (Francis Davis) Millet, A Handmaiden, 1886

Charles Sprague Pearce, Evening (Auvers-sur-Oise), 1880s

George Inness, A Shortcut to Wachung [sic] Station; A Short Cut, Watchung Station, N.J.,

Jean-Léon Gérôme, The Death of Caesar, 1859

Charles-Emile-Auguste Durand (Carolus-Duran), Portrait of Lucy Lee Robbins, 1884

Edwin Howland Blashfield, Portrait of the Artist’s Wife, 1889

Edwin Lord Weeks, The Last Voyage:  A Souvenir of the Ganges, c. 1884

Thomas Alexander Harrison, In Arcadia, c. 1886

Edward Augustus Bell, Lady in Gray, 1887-88

Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson, Meditation of the Holy Virgin, 1889

Elihu Vedder, The Death Cup; The Cup of Death, 1885

Miss Elizabeth Jane Gardner, The Farmer’s Daughter

Robert Frederick Blum, Venetian Lace Workers

Thomas Eakins, The Veteran (Portrait of Geo. Reynolds), c. 1886

James Abbott McNeil Whistler, Arrangement in Black #7;
 Portrait of Lady Archibald Campbell,
 Arrangement in Black:  The Lady in the Yellow Buskin, c. 1883

Frederic Remington, A Lull in the Fight, c. 1889
 (Note: the image above is a later copy done by Remington, 1903)

Eastman Johnson, Two Men; The Funding Bill, 1881

Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret, The Pardon in Brittany, 1886

Thomas Wilmer Dewing, Lady in Yellow

Miss Alice De Wolf Kellogg (Tyler), Portrait of Miss G.E.K.;
 Portrait  of Gertrude E. Kellogg, 1888

William Turner Dannat, A Study in Red;  La Femme en rouge, 1889

John William Waterhouse, Mariamne Leaving the Judgment Seat of Herod, 1887

Monday, October 25, 2010

Millennium Contest: Clue #2 (and #3)

I was not planning on giving a second clue so soon, but someone asked me a question about one of the paintings today, and since I answered the question for that person, I felt I should just remove the confusion for everyone involved.


One of the paintings, #34, is a bit misleading, and may confound competitors.  Many people are identifying the artist and title correctly, BUT are being thrown off by the year in which the painting was done.  Online, the painting is listed as being completed in 1903, which is true, but that is for the copy (pictured in the contest).  The original painting by Frederic Remington, titled A Lull in the Fight:  Descriptive of an affair on the Staked Plain (Texas), in 1861, as told by a Commanche "brave" who participated, was done circa 1889, and is currently unlocated.  The copy, pictured above, is very similar to the original, which survives only as a black-and-white, wood engraved image in the March 30, 1889 issue of Harper's Weekly.

To make up for any confusion I caused, I will also offer another clue.  The original painting of the  Portrait of Augustus Saint-Gaudens by Kenyon Cox (above), could also have been included in this contest;  it shares the same commonality as do the other 40 paintings in the competition.  Cox's portrait of Saint-Gaudens is familiar to many visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, however, the painting in the museum's collection (and what is found online), painted in 1908, is a replica.  The original was painted by Cox in 1887.

I hope these clues help!  Best of luck!

New Book of Paintings from Daniel Gerhartz

Liliedahl Video Productions is now taking pre-orders for Not Far from Home, the new book of paintings from American artist Daniel F. Gerhartz.  The 176 page hardcover appears to be the first volume in an unspecified number set containing Gerhartz's impressionistic paintings of serenity, spirituality, and a simpler life.  Shipping is expected to begin in the next few months.  The price of the book is $85, and can be ordered from the Liliedahl website.

Millennium Contest: Clue #1

As much as I would like to keep the prizes in the current contest, I would really rather have one of the blog's readers win and have the opportunity to enjoy these great products.  To that end, I have decided to provide a clue to the Millennium Contest, as the competition has proven to be more difficult than I thought (usually, someone answers correctly within the first few hours, much to my frustration!).  I will continue adding clues, within reason, until someone is able to win.  Good luck!


Image #19, titled A Handmaiden, was painted by American Frank (Francis Davis) Millet in 1886.
His signature is along the curb in the lower left corner.

Millennium Contest Prize Update

Last week, I received a package from brush-makers Rosemary & Co. containing their donation for the current contest's prize basket.  Inside were five of Rosemary's high-quality, handmade brushes:  four Series 279 Mongoose Long Flats (sizes 6, 4, 2, and 0), and 1 Series 278 Mongoose Long Filbert (size 6).  These are the brushes quickly finding their way into many of the top artists' brush quivers, and we all are very fortunate to receive this sponsorship from Rosemary & Co..

With contributions from New Traditions Art Panels, Accurasee, and Rosemary & Co., this is the largest prize (retail value over $120.00) yet available to participants in this blog's competitions.  The first person to correctly identify the 40 images in the contest (artist's name and painting title), and specify what the 40 paintings have in common will win this great collection of items.  So far, the contest is proving harder than I expected, so I will be posting clues weekly until someone wins.  Best of luck!