Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flesh and Bone


Tho in Chair  55 X 43 inches

Next month, Arcadia Gallery in New York City will be hosting a significant exhibition of Colorado artist Daniel Sprick's haunting and psychologically charged paintings.  The works in this show, which are often disturbing, are technically beautiful examples of contemporary representational art, and although the artist makes no claims of imbuing his images with hidden meanings, one can not help but delve deeply into his art in attempts to decipher their mysterious symbology.  Sprick's recurring themes of death and decay are offset in this particular show by the presence of several figural works, a subject that is not as common in his paintings because the artist was previously less inclined to ask a model to sit eight hours a day for the several months it takes to complete one of his panels (From the demonstration Sprick gave for American Painting Video Magazine, it is supposed that the artist now applies a quicker method for his figure works than he does for his still lifes, enabling him to continue working from life without overly fatiguing his models).   The twenty-five paintings in the exhibition will be on view at Arcadia Gallery from March 19th until April 10th.  Please visit the show to enjoy this talented artist's aesthetically unique works of art.

Lilacs and Bird  28 X 22 inches

Red Amaryllis  30 X 24 inches

I am Dark but Lovely  84 X 36 inches

Dust  42 X 50 inches

Jasmine 23 X 41.5 inches

Laura Venus  30 X 22 inches

Through My Fingers  60 X 60 inches

Teaches to Number Our Days  30 X 24 inches

A preview of the interview American Painting Video Magazine conducted with Daniel Sprick

First and Last  30 X 24

Striped Amaryllis  26 X 28 inches

Distinctly I Remember  29 X 24 inches

Creation  10 X 20

Sea Bird  36 X 24 inches

Les Fleurs du Mal  20 X 16 inches

Night Hollyhock  12.5 X 9 inches

Sun Bird  12 X 9 inches

The highly contemplative Sprick is a wonderful subject for interview, and his
captivating words can be extremely inspirational.

Carcass No. 2  16 X 20 inches

Bird in Landscape  12 X 9 inches

Noelle  12 X 9 inches

Carcass  26 X 18 inches

Plum Blossoms  24 X 24 inches

Trompe l'oeil Bird  28 X 22 inches

Snow Bird  24 X 16 inches

Amaryllis  20 X 20 inches

Arcadia Gallery is located at 51 Greene Street, between Grand and Broome in SoHo. It is open from 10 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, and from 11 AM until 6 PM weekends.

To see more of Sprick's paintings, visit the artist's website.



Jason de Graaf said...

Love his paintings.

Jane said...

Amazing figurative work! Thanks for sharing.

MCG said...

Long live Daniel Sprick!

Vinícius F. Silva said...

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Chagrin Highlands said...

God, these are gorgeous. I only discovered Daniel Sprick about 6 months ago and I'm such a huge fan now. His figures and people are so darn real, and they are very obviously paintings too. It's like they were breathed onto the canvas in one fell swoop…though I know this is not how he paints. He's a master and seems like a nice person too from the video.