Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exhibition Catalogs


Although I wish I were able to travel to see all of the shows in my current What's on View list (March 2011), the unfortunate truth is that I am unlikely to visit more than a couple of the events I've posted.  Luckily, several of the exhibits have catalogs which were published to coincide with the displays, and that is of some consolation.  I have two of the books listed, Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera and Illusions of Reality, but I have yet to look through any of the other books.  There are two available that I am more likely to purchase before the others, though, and those are the Gérôme book, and The Orient Expressed:  the first because I love Gérôme's work, and until I stumble across an affordable copy of the English version of Gerald Ackerman's catalog raisonné on the artist, I hope that this will be a decent runner-up;  and the latter because I am a fan of Gabriel Weisberg, and I have always been pleased with every book I've purchased by the author.

Jean-Léon Gérôme by Laurence des Cars, Dominique de Font-Relaux, and Edouard Papet
$52.50 at Amazon.com (paperback)


Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904) - Spanish edition
$48.39 at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Giftshop


The Orient Expressed: Japan's Influence on Western Art, 1854-1918  by Gabriel P. Weisberg
$23.07 at Amazon.com (hardcover)


Pre-Raphaelite Drawing by Colin Cruise
$30.00 at Amazon.com (hardcover)


by Cassandra Albinson, Peter Funnell, and Lucy Pelz
$44.10 at Amazon.com (hardcover)


Gabriel Metsu  by Adriaan Walboer
$40.95 at Amazon.com (hardcover)


The American Impressionists in the Garden by May Brawley Hill
$26.97 at Amazon.com (paperback)


by Anne L. Poulet, Colin B. Bailey, Peter Jay Sharp, Esmée Quodbach, Louisa Wood Ruby, 
Margaret Iacono, and Joanna Sheers
$20.00 at the Frick Museum Shop (paperback)


George Inness in Italy by Mark D. Mitchell and Judy Dion
Available for a pre-order price of $10.80 at Amazon.com (paperback)


$26.40 at Amazon.com (hardcover)

This is a great book showing the behind-the-scenes working habits of Norman Rockwell.  While a few other books on the artist go into depth on his process, little attention was paid to the photography used in his work.  In Behind the Camera, readers have the opportunity to study the images from which Rockwell drew and painted, and see where and how Rockwell manipulated his reference photos, and to what lengths he went to get his models in the right poses.


Illusions of Reality by Gabriel P. Weisberg, Edwin Becker, David Jackson, and Willa Silverman
$29.66 at Amazon.com! (hardcover)

Though this book by Weisberg is not as good as his Beyond Impressionism:  The Naturalist Impulse, it is still a good book to own.  All of the paintings from the exhibit are reproduced in color, and the black and white images are limited to period photographs and movie stills.  I could always hope for larger color plates, but the size of the reproductions are not bad, and several are shown in detail in the first half of the book.

Since there are few modern books dedicated to Naturalism, and Beyond Impressionism is out-of-print and a costly used purchase, this is a nice alternative.  During the first two stops of this exhibit's tour, the book was available at a very limited number of booksellers.  Now that is has come to Amazon.com, the price has really dropped;  I paid $68.00 last year to purchase it from the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands, and now with only a few months left of the tour, the book is under $30.00.



Johan Derycke said...

I saw the "Illusions of Reality" book last weekend in my local library where it was on the "new books" shelf, and I took it with me right away.

It is covering the influence of "modern things" like photography and film, on painters and their work from 1875-1918, in depth.
It's also a real gem for the eye, full of high quality reproductions of naturalistic paintings, photographs and film stills.

I really recommend this book to anyone interested in naturalists and realists.

I just wish I had known earlier, because I would have gone to see the exhibition in the Van Gogh Museum. (It's running in Finland at the moment, I think)

Travis Michael Bailey said...

I recommend the Spectacular Art of Gérôme Catalog, the first book mentioned. The book is full of great color images and lots of great details and information. Also, the size of the book was an unexpected treat as well. You will not be disappointed in this catalog.

innisart said...

Thanks for the comments on the catalogs. I'd love to hear from anyone who has looked through the books listed here.

@Travis- Now you have me chomping at the bit to get my hands on that Gérôme catalog! It will definitely be my next book purchase.

Herman said...

I love all of them, but the they are so expensive that I could not afford any of them.