Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jeremy Lipking, Enchanting Depths, and the California Art Club

Enchanting Depths
40" X 70"

If you haven't seen it already, Jeremy Lipking's recent painting Enchanting Depths is one of the featured works in the California Art Club's 100th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition.  The painting, which is nearly six feet long, is full of impasto rarely seen in Lipking's smaller works, but unfortunately, such textural details are lost when the image is reduced online.  Thankfully, Lipking has provided a high resolution zoomable image where those of us who were not lucky enough to see the painting in person can get an idea of the work he put into the piece.

Enchanting Depths (detail)


Congratulations are also due Lipking, whose beautiful painting, Skylar in Blue (16" X 12") is one of the 20 finalists in this year's Portrait Society of America's International Portrait Competition being held the last weekend of April in Atlanta.

Skylar in Blue
16" X 12"


The nearly 200 artworks juried into the California Art Club's 100th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition will be on view at the Pasadena Museum of California Art from April 3rd until the 24th, but if you are unable to visit the museum, those works are also available online.  Congratulations to all that made the show, and best of luck to you in the upcoming judging.

Waiting  28" X 22"
Mian Situ

Lone Pine Vista  18" X 24"
Simon Lok

Amalfi  24" X 36"
Lynn Gertenbach

The Young Sitter  36" X 24"
Joseph Todorovitch

Paris Sous la Pluie  16" X 12"
Alexander Orlov

Song of the Sea - Adagio  40" X 30"
Sharon Burkett Kaiser

Cypress and Fog, Point Lobos  30" X 36"
Jesse Powell

Pasadena Orange Harvest  36" X 24"
Dennis Ziemienski

Morning, The Minarets  9" X 12"
Armand Cabrera

Sailing in San Diego Tall Ship Festival  20" X2 4"
Calvin Liang



Main Loop said...

I wish more people would post up Zoomify images!

Agata said...

Absolutely AMAZING!!!

David Kassan said...

RAD! I'm going to the opening tomorrow, I can't wait to see the painting again in real life, the last time i saw it was back in his studio during an open studio, I'm a little bummed that it was DQed from medal consideration due to its horizontal size.

Susan Roux said...

Amazing. I'm speachless.

Kyle V Thomas said...

I love the thick paint. It adds so much weight to the rock formations. This is a beautiful piece. Wish I could see it.

Marian Fortunati said...

I saw the show on Friday night and it is beautiful.
Interesting to see which you picked as favorites...

Thanks for posting the larger images! Of course there's no substitute for seeing the paintings from close up AND far away.

innisart said...

@Marian - There were so many to like! I picked these more for variety.

Belita William said...

"Sylar blue has to be one of the finest portraits of the century! Jeremy Lipking is a true master,turning out his best artwork this year! I will be very disappointed if he doesnt win the grand prize... but keep your eye on"new kid on the block" Teresa Oaxaca who was also a finalist in the PSOA competition this year....portrait of her grandfather..painted only at age 22!