Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Salon International 2011


Susan Carlin Wide World  11X14 in.

The 2011 Salon International Exhibit, a project of the International Museum of Contemporary Masters, will not go on view at the Greenhouse Gallery until April, but for those wishing to make an early perusal of the works accepted into the show, all 415 paintings have been posted online.  In previous years, the paintings selected by the jury were not made available through Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art's website until the opening night of the exhibition, but this year, possibly because of the high number of online submissions, images of the works were posted two months earlier.  This has led to the greatest number of advance sales the gallery has yet seen for the competition.

Susan Driscoll  Voyeur  24X30 in.

Gregory Mortenson  Self-Portrait  10X9 in.

Elizabeth Weiss  Butterflies  14X16 in.

Jonathan Hardesty  Marie  14X20 in.

Linda Lucas Hardy  Pretty in Pink  18X24 in.

This year's presiding judge is artist and teacher Daniel Greene.  He will have the responsibility of deciding the award-winners in several categories, the results of which will be announced April 1st.  In total, nearly $30,000 in prize money will be bestowed upon the winning contestants, with an eight thousand dollar grand prize given for the painting chosen Best-in-Show.

Peter Yesis  Top Shelf  20X20 in.

Lea Colie Wight  Molly in Her Mother's Jacket  24X18 in.

Teresa Fischer  Rocket Chalk  18X24 in.

Roger Dale Brown  Autumn Brook  22X28 in.

Bjorn Thorkelson  Lavender  12X12 in.

Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art is located in San Antonio, Texas.  The Salon International exhibit will be on view in the gallery from April 2nd until the 22nd, and can be seen online by clicking here.

Cesar Santos  Drawing at the MOMA  30X21 in.

Peggy Chang  Sunset, Santa Barbara Harbor  20X30 in.

Ignat Ignatov  Fiery Light  20X16 in.

Trish Beckham Breaking Wave 16X20 in.

Kristy Gordon  Armour at the Bardini  12X8 in.

Travis Seymour  Gloria  20X16


On a purely personal note, my painting, Lael's Promise, a portrait of the young woman who is godmother to all three of my children, was one of the paintings chosen for the 2011 Salon International.  The title of the work is intentionally ambiguous.  Does "Promise" refer to an oath;  did the young woman pledge to wait for her love, and does she hear him approaching?  Or does "Promise" refer to potential, and is she a young woman about to embark upon her adult life, full of possibility?  I hope the painting tells a story, though I imagine the narrative a viewer discerns in the work will be particular to their own life circumstances, but that is fine, and as it should be.  It was, in truth, the latter scenario that occupied my mind as I painted the work.

At the time she modeled for me, Lael's life was in transition.  She had recently graduated from a performing arts high school in New York City, and, though she already had some impressive credits to her name, the spotlight had not fully found her yet.  She was and is an extremely talented performer,  a true triple-threat, skilled in acting, singing, and dancing.  It was just a matter of time before all of her hard work bore fruit, though I suspect at the time she felt caught in limbo.

Lael is now beginning to realize her promise.  This coming season, she is part of the original Broadway cast of the musical Sister Act.  The arts can be such a difficult field, and I am so happy to see her achieving success.  Of course, I'm now down a very good model but I couldn't think of a better way to lose her.  Congratulations Lael!



Kim Carlton said...

Thank you for this post, Matthew. I love your painting and I hope that you actually go to the opening~ I would love to meet you!

innisart said...

@Kim - I wish I could attend, but I won't be making the trip to Texas this time around. Congratulations to you on your multiple pieces in the exhibition! There were so many tremendous pieces, I had to stop putting images on the blog at some point before I went as far as to post all 415! Best- M.

Kim Carlton said...

Oh Matthew, I agree with you about the show! I'm sorry that you won't be there though. Would you like me to deliver your acceptance speech for you?

Lokelani Forrest said...

Matthew, thanks so much for your post and congrats on being selected to be in the show. I loved your piece "Lael's Promise." There was so much to "ooh and aaah" over. Some excellent pieces. I think I looked at most of them. Good luck on your entry.

Susan Carlin said...

Matthew, Please come to the Salon opening so I can thank you in person for posting my painting on your blog! A friend just sent me the link to come here and I jumped in my seat to see Wide World at the top of your post! I'm eager to see Lael's Promise in person. The image of it is beautiful.

Lael said...

Thank you so much Matt - I finally read this entry in it's entirety. Your kind words mean so much to me! I'm so proud and happy for YOU! Yay Lael's Promise!!! You will NEVER lose me as a model!