Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 Portrait Society Finalists - Cast Your Vote!


Joel Spector  -  O. Aldon James  -  50 X 34 in., oil

Rose Frantzen  -  Mrs. Zimmerman  -  42 X 50 in., oil

Casey Childs  -  Biangle (Portrait of Lauren and Everett)  -  55 X 42 in., oil

Teresa Oaxaca  -  Father Time  -  54 X 62 in., oil

Patricia Watwood  -  Fate  -  35 X 24 in., oil

Alicia Ponzio  -  Claudia Regina Del Fiume  -  20 X 7 X 10 in., plaster

Jesus Villarreal  -  The Mirror  -  68 X 42 in., oil

Jeremy Lipking  -  Skylar in Blue  -  16 X 12 in., oil

Ardith Starostka  -  The Bishop  -  50 X 36 in., oil

Juan Martinez  -  Robin  -  18 X 12 in., oil

Amy Kann  -  Berkely  -  9 X 9 in., bas relief

William Nathans  -  Sean  -  60 X 36 in., oil

Evert Ploeg  -  Self Portrait in Bathroom  -  44 X 54  in., oil

Ellen Cooper  -  Defiance of Erebus  -  62 X 36 in., oil

David Bowers  -  The Collector  -  38 X 30 in., oil

Scott Burdick  -  Undercover  -  40 X 30 in., oil

James Hill  -  Contemplation  -  22 X 10 X 12 in., ceramic

Thomas Reis  -  The Twilight Hour  -  12 X 16 in., oil

John Seibles Walker  -  Mary Rinehart  -  54 X 36 in., oil

HongNian Zhang  -  A Hero of Nanjing:  The Courage of Minnie Vautrin 



Kimber Scott said...

All I know is I'm glad I'm not a judge in this competition! I could never choose. I do love Lipking's painting . . .

Cozinha da Pintura said...

I tryed to check their website to see if I could vote online, but was not able to locate any information. Is it possible? Any links?

Kevin Mizner said...

Great paintings, all. The one I kept returning to was "Sean". The artist did a marvelous job depicting him and leaving us with questions at the same time.

danielle said...

Lipking's by miles. Though I do very much like Jesus Villareal's and Thomas Reis's work. An amazingly talented group!

Brandy Agun said...

Lipking's, Cooper's and Reis'.

Sean Patrick McArdle said...

Matthew, thanks for coverage of PSOA. Lipkings my top choice and I echo Danielle comments as well as Thomas Reis. Congrats to all.

Dalan said...

Have to say all of our votes may change if we saw these paintings in real life. Some of these really large works would gain a certain impact when viewed in person. But from these photos I have to make my pick for number one Jesus Villareals's. The restraint in color and overall composition is very well crafted.

Stanka Kordic said...

The sculpture pieces. They never get enough credit..

Jim Serrett said...

Well I would have to go for Lipkings.
Mainly because it is the only work that does not stink of photographic references.

Jason de Graaf said...

Defiance Of Erebus FTW.

emerson Calderon said...

My vote goes to Jesus Villareal, best piece here.
And by the way it was not done from photo references, it was painted from life using a mirror in his studio.

Morgen said...

As a painter I appreciate the skill used in Joel Spector's piece, but Jeremy Lipking's has been my favorite painting since it first came out last year.

mimitabby said...

wow, that was a tough choice. I liked Villareal's painting the best too but I would have liked to have picked 3 of them! I do like mirror self-portraits.

Ana Leal Anguita said...

BuenĂ­simos todos estos retratos. No sabrĂ­a por cual decantarme. Un saludo.

innisart said...

@ Jim - I'm 95% sure Lipking's was painted from a photo (though he has a lot of alla prima painting knowledge to back up his reference). Works like Frantzen's and Villarreal's are just some of the pieces done from life.

Mind Miner said...

I admire ALL of them purely for their top notch skills in painting photo-realistic quality paintings. Really envious of that skill. Once you get there, you really can't get any better than that on a technical level.

But my biases would have me pick paintings like Lipking, Zhang, Ploeg and Burdick for their expressive brush strokes, like that in Lipking's rendering of hair and Zhang's collage-like story-telling. Zhang's a bit stronger because it goes a bit beyond the portrait theme. To me, that stands out more and tells me that it is a painting and not a photograph.

Just my 2 copper.

tinoradman said...

Generally speaking, I am not fond of portraits in which the photo reference is too obvious (no matter how skilfully they were rendered). I particularly dislike paintings that have been slavishly copied from photos - warts and all, including the glaring lens aberrations and equally focused areas.
In my view, Alicia Ponzio's and
Jesus Villarreal's pieces are the best.
Evert Ploeg's painting is interesting, as well. I like the brushwork, but it looks as the portrait, not self portrait.
As for the Rose Frentzen -
I was always fond her portraits but I do think that this one would be more powerful without the figure in the mid-ground (or he could have been posed - for the sake of story - in a bit different way).

krystyna81 said...

Having been lucky enough to see these in person, I am thrilled that Ploeg's work took a high honor - I must have stared at that piece for ten minutes, and was also delighted to meet the humble artist in person. Jesus was a charming young man, and his piece was striking in person, an excellent composition. I think Rose's work had the most amazing atmosphere - I really loved it. Congrats to the winners!

(my take on the show)

Alexandra Tyng said...

I also saw these in person, and I thought this year's finalists, as a group, were more impressive and interesting (in terms of subject matter) than ever before. My favorites were Ellen Cooper's and Rose Frantzen's.

Jaspreet S Kaler said...

great work .

who is the artist ?
is he on facebook?

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Evert Ploeg's self portrait blew me away! Fantastic!

innisart said...

@Jaspreet - Many of the 20 finalists are on Facebook, if not all.

Scott KICHE Castro said...

Jesus Villareal's work is my choice. @ Jim no need to be nasty sir. But let me just say that I have seen many artists who claim only to work from life but their work lacks originality and imagination.

Harry Kent said...

Ellen Cooper - what understated drama!