Saturday, April 23, 2011

PSoA Certificate of Excellence - Carol Arnold


Carol Arnold  -  Pearls  -  26 X 40 in.

Artist Carol Arnold was first inspired to become a painter when, as a child, she became fascinated by the plein air painters her family encountered on vacations in seaside Gloucester, Massachusetts.  After graduating from the Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Arnold spent several years working as a commercial artist before turning her attention fully to fine art painting.  She is currently very active in the arts community of Vermont, being both a member of Andrea Scheidler's High Street Painters in Brattleboro, and one of the regular members of Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik's Putney Painters.  Arnold's work, executed primarily from life, has been steadily winning recognition, including taking the First Honor Award at last year's Inspiring Figures Exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art for the painting of her son, titled, End of the Season.

End of the Season  16 X 26 in.

Of Pearls, Arnold says, "This is a portrait of my daughter Grace. She loves wearing layers of clothing, which usually includes hats, scarfs, and lots of jewelry. I made the blue apron for Christmas and she wears it any chance she gets! She was sitting at the kitchen table playing with the necklace. I just loved the shadow falling over her eyes, the light on her soft cheek, the layers of clothing and the bright blue apron against the softer colors of her shirt and pants. I asked if she would pose for me and she agreed. The cat decided to join her, which I thought was a great addition!"

To see more of Carol Arnold's artwork, please visit her website.



Isabel PĂ©rez Lima said...

Beautiful Grace,wonderful painting.

Susan Roux said...

Pearls is a spectacular piece. I absolutely love it!

Kathryn Clark said...

I love your portrait, "End of the Season". It reminds me of Zorn's paintings.

Nancy Bauer Howell said...

"Pearls" is a fabulous painting, as are all Carol's other portraits. Congratulations Carol Arnold!