Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PSoA Certificate of Excellence - Joshua LaRock


Joshua LaRock  -  The Artist's Wife  -  18 X 15 in.

Texas native Joshua LaRock was pursuing a career in music when a fortunate discovery led him to a new vocation.  LaRock, who  had only been aware of contemporary Modern Artists at the time, stumbled upon the growing group dedicated to traditional ideals and techniques of draughtsmanship and fine painting, and was astonished to find classical art was still being produced today.  In representational art, LaRock felt he found his true calling, and he traveled to New York to seek tutelage under Jacob Collins at the Water Street Atelier.  His talent and dedication quickly earned LaRock prizes and scholarships, and within just three years of beginning his study, his prodigious skill merited him a position as one of the core instructors at The Grand Central Academy of Art.

"I am captivated by the way a simply designed portrait can represent a connection with another human being," says LaRock.  "In this case, I was trying to capture the special bond between my beautiful wife and myself, and others have attested that this somehow comes through in the painting. I find the successful expression of emotion and personality rewarding beyond the satisfaction of an accomplished rendering of a face. It is a wonder how a slight expression, clear eyes and subtle gestures can be profound;  Bouguereau's portraits exemplify this again and again, and this piece was certainly inspired by him in both conception and technique."

To see more of Joshua LaRock's paintings, and learn his teaching schedule, please visit the artist's website.



Deborah Elmquist said...

Beautiful wife, beautifully rendered.

JT Harding said...

wow. true talent.