Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New DVD from Ignat Ignatov

Pre-orders are now being taken for artist Ignat Ignatov's first instructional oil-painting DVD, Portrait Painting - Glowing Rim Light.  The 2 hour step-by-step lesson follows Ignatov as he paints a 16" X 20" alla prima portrait of a young girl shoulder-lit with strong, warm light coming through her hair.  Shipping is scheduled for the end of next month, and US buyers who order before August 27th will automatically be entered in a drawing to win a same-size giclĂ©e of the finished painting.  For more information, and to place your order ($65+shipping), please visit Ignatov's website and click on the heading "DVD."



Albert. S said...

Whats with the gloves? I mean, when you jump in the pool you dive in. It's no fun just getting your feet wet.

David Gluck said...

@albert The gloves protect your hands from heavy metal absorption. Its actually a good idea to wear them while painting, even if it looks sissy, which it does.

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tinoradman said...

To be frank - I expected a better piece from Ignatov. He is skilled painter, yet this portrait is "only" correct - and nothing more. Largest part of the work make non-descriptive brushstrokes applied in order to cover the whiteness of the surface. Neck and hair of the model could have been painted by every other painter – there's nothing special or unique about them. So, the only actual modelling in this portrait demo can be seen on a couple of inches of cheek, one eye, nose and mouth. Yet, none of those features is executed in particularly exciting manner. Ignatov could do much better, but for some reason he chose not to show it in this dvd...

Ter said...

What a rip off
The whole dvd is 1 hr 58 minutes

The first 1 hr 7 mins is shot as a long shot (no close up)

The next 27 mins is a medium shot (no close up)

That means from the start up to 1 hr 34 mins I can hardly see what was going on in detail, missing out important visual information. Bear in mind that the whole dvd is only 1 hr 58 mins.

Close up starts at 1 hr 34 mins until 1 hr 55 mins
(by the way even this 21 minutes so call close up should have been zoomed in a lot more for one to see clearly to be useful.)

So what is the purpose for this demo? Perhaps to show off or to make money??? Or the artist simply are not secure enough to share his technique????

Also Quote Hajar9911 from youtube comment
"the portrait looks more like a girl from final fantasy then the model"

Although Ignat are capable of doing a good likeness but in this demo I have to agree with hajar9911