Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Right Here: New Maine Island Paintings
by Alexandra Tyng

Sister Lights, oil on linen, 54" X 40"

From August 5th through August 28th, the Dowling Walsh Gallery in Maine will be hosting a solo exhibition by Philadelphian artist, Alexandra Tyng.  The show, titled  Right Here: New Maine Island Paintings, will feature over 30 works by the artist, celebrating the scenery and people of Mt. Desert, Monhegan, and Indian Islands.  For Tyng, who has spent summers in Maine since childhood, this is a very special show, and she went to great lengths to prepare this exhibition in a new and interesting manner.

Lighthouse Day, oil on linen, 34" X 48"

Star at the Edge, oil on linen, 34" X 42"

Paintings and Cocktails, oil on linen, 28" X 52"

Early Morning Callers, oil on linen, 22" X 22"

The Squall, oil on linen, 24" X 40"

"The exhibit will be organized in terms of progressions," explains Tyng, "from far away to close up to far away, etc., so as viewers move around the gallery, they first see a general location from the air, then gradually hone in on an area until a particular place is revealed, then they move farther and farther away from the place until another aerial view shows another more inclusive perspective. The cycle then begins again as viewers move around the gallery.  I hope it will reveal the way I think about hierarchies of scale and the discovery of places where people live - places that are insignificant when seen on a large scale from above, but special when they are experienced up close."

Back to the Lakes, oil on linen, 38" X 62"

Elemental Balance, oil on linen, 46" X 42"

Before the Woods, oil on linen, 22" X 40"

Reclining Light, oil on linen, 24" X 36"

The Aladdin Lamp, oil on linen, 20" X 30"

Carl Little, author of The Watercolors of John Singer Sargent and of a variety of books on the art of the Northeast, including Edward Hopper's New England, provides the essay for the accompanying catalog to Tyng's show.  In it, he states, “. . .Alexandra Tyng is equally comfortable—and accomplished—in landscape and portraiture, which makes her something of a rarity among contemporary artists.  She even dares to combine the two, setting figures in her views, inviting us to consider how person and place fit together (and they do, splendidly). . . . To move from the expansive to the intimate and back again makes for a distinctive visual experience.”

Surf and Calm, oil on linen, 10" X 15"

Lakeside Knitting, oil on linen, 24" x 36"

Morning Sun over Monhegan Village, oil on linen, 26" X 46"

Artists on Cadillac, oil on linen, 14" X 18"

The Porcupines from Cadillac, oil on linen, 28" X 42"

Overlook, oil on linen, 40" X 30"

The Dowling Walsh Gallery is located at 357 Main Street in Rockland, Maine.  The opening reception for Tyng's show will be August 5th, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM.  To see more images of the artist's work from the exhibit, please visit the gallery's website.

Jet Streams, oil on linen, 34" X 72"

Afternoon Ferry, oil on linen, 26" X 40"


Albert. S said...

Wow, had no idea that Maine is a painters paradise.

Jason Peck said...

Wow, Im inspired by all of these. Beautiful paintings!

adebanji said...

FANTASTIC PIECES- I really love the figures in the outdoor space!

Kevin Mizner said...

As a resident of Maine, and a painter, I can say that around here, shake a tree and a painter wil fall out, but dig a little bit and you get a gem- like Alexandra! I'll be sure to attend the opening.

Bartek Roczniak said...

Great landscapes, very inspired by this painter,

David said...

Great work Alex!

knoxblox said...

I assume that the really high elevation paintings are referenced from photos, but how does she get them? Is there a local light plane or helicopter charter business in the area?

MCGuilmet said...

Thanks for posting this! Wish I could be in Maine in August for this show.

Susan Roux said...

Like Kevin, I'm from Maine and she really captured the essence here. I really like her arial perspectives. They're just lovely. Should be a spectacular show!

Alexandra Tyng said...

Thank you, Matt, for featuring my show in Underpaintings! I really appreciate everyone's comments.
@ knoxblox, yes I do take reference photos from a plane for the aerial paintings. I charter flights with Sandy Reynolds, who operates Maine Scenic Airways out of a separate building on the grounds of the Belfast Municipal Airport. I also sometimes fly with the sightseeing flight company at Bar Harbor Airport, but more often with Sandy.

Marina Dieul said...

Wonderful work Alex!
It must be very impressive to see all these in reality!