Monday, July 25, 2011

Slow Art

Sadie Valeri  -  Undersea  -  15¾ X 20 in., oil on panel
Sadie Valeri, who considers herself a slow painter, attains a high level of detail in her paintings from life
that can only come from many hours of observation and hard work.

Previously, I have mentioned Australian-born art critic Robert Hughes on Underpaintings because of several comments he has made about Modern Artists such as Damien Hirst.  Though I don't always agree with the choices Hughes makes as to who is worthy and who is not in 20th Century Art, many of his remarks on the current state of art are astute, and are also most welcome from a person with his cultural influence.

If you have not yet had a chance to see his 2009 International Emmy Award-winning documentary, The Mona Lisa Curse, it is definitely worth seeking out.

Slow Art film via John Jude Palencar at Muddy Colors.


Kurt said...

I love this short video of Roberts interview. He is right on and shows that because you have money doesn't mean you know anything about art.

Cynthia Hillis McBride said...

He's a brave man to take such a stance when so many are exclaiming over the beauty of the Emperor’s new clothes. A 'must see' film for any artist.

Moose said...

Any word on a way we can get our hands on a full copy of the documentary? Netflix doesn't carry it, and a online search only talks about it being broadcast in the UK.