Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Painting Lesson from Brian Neher

Artist Brian Neher of North Carolina has recently posted a nearly hour-long, free painting tutorial to his blog and to his YouTube account, in which he demonstrates painting an apple from photographs.  Throughout the video, Neher shares the process he gained under the tutelage of famous American illustrator and portraitist Joe Bowler, and from his own personal study of the artists of the past.  Using the Four Principles of Painting (Drawing, Value, Color, and Edges), he paints a likeness of the apple from start to finish in real time (there are no random cuts where segments of the progress are skipped over).  Neher's voice is clear, the scripting is smooth, and the filming with a second screen for the palette is well thought-out.

None of the Four Principles of Painting is gone into with great depth in the video.  The demonstration is just an overview of the methods used by Neher, and offers a glimpse at the information contained in his newly released DVD collection.  For the advanced beginner, this may just be a great jumping off point for a more structured study on the art of painting.

If you were not already familiar with Neher's outstanding portrait work, then quite likely, you know him from facebook, where he has assembled an incredible collection of images of works from 'Painters of the Past.'  If you have not seen them yet, befriend Neher, and check out the wonderful images he has shared in his photo albums.


Judy P. said...

Wow! Thanks for the compilation!

ggoodrich said...

This is wonderful. All the tutorials are helpful indeed!
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