Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Auction Preview: Sotheby's 19th c. Art

Lot 103
Alexander Max Koester
Eight Ducks on the Riverbank
oil on canvas  21¾ X 32¾ in.

Early next month, one of my favorite annual art sales, Sotheby's 19th Century European Art Auction, will take place in New York City.  Though this particular sale, with 111 lots, seems smaller than past auctions, it still has some great treasures in it.  Among the artworks of interest are 3 paintings by John William Godward, 4 maritime paintings by Montague Dawson, 4 works by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 5 equestrian paintings by Sir Alfred James Munnings, 6 works by William Adolphe Bouguereau, and another great duck painting by Alexander Max Koester.

For those able to visit the auction house to preview the artworks, exhibition times are as follows:

Fri, 28 Oct 11           10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Sat, 29 Oct 11           10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Sun, 30 Oct 11             1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Mon, 31 Oct 11          10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Tue, 01 Nov 11          10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Wed, 02 Nov 11         10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Thu, 03 Nov 11          10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The actual bid session will take place on November 4th at 10:00 AM in New York.

Lot 64
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Education of the Children of Clovis
(School of Vengeance, Training of Clotilde's Sons)
oil on canvas  51 X 70 in.

Lot 67
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
A Spring Festival (On the Road to the Temple of Ceres)
oil on canvas  35 X 21 in.

Lot 15
Jehan Georges Vibert
La tireuse de cartes (The Fortune Teller)
oil on panel  27¼ X 40 in.

Lot 48
William Bouguereau
Premières caresses (first reduction)
oil on canvas  39¼ X 26¼ in.

Lot 39
William Bouguereau
Yvonne sur le pas de la porte
oil on canvas  37½ X 24¾ in.

Lot 42
William Bouguereau
À la fontaine (At the Fountain)
oil on canvas  55 X 34 in.

Lot 46
William Bouguereau
oil on canvas  23¾ X 18¾ in.

Lot 43
William Bouguereau
Portrait of Gabrielle Cot
oil on canvas  18 X 15 in.

Sotheby's seems to have made some improvements to their online catalog viewing, but it still needs some tweaking;
some images, such as Premières caresses (above), shows much pixel noise when enlarged.

Lot 95
Sir Alfred James Munnings
Crossing the Ford
oil on canvas  14¼ X 19¼ in.

Lot 98
Sir Alfred James Munnings
Behind the Tents
oil on canvas  25¾ X 30¼ in.

Lot 58
John William Godward
oil on canvas  21 in. diameter

Lot 55
John William Godward
In the Tepidarium
oil on canvas  38½ X 19 in.

Lot 36
Gabriel Boutet
La fête de Montrouge
oil on canvas  31½ by 23¾ in.

Lot 19
Alfred Stevens
oil on canvas  41 X 28⁵⁄₈ in.

Lot 18
Alfred Stevens
Un bleuet (The Blue Ribbon)
oil on panel  30½ X 21¾ in.

Lot 4
Daniel Ridgway Knight
oil on canvas  21¾ X 18¼ in.

Lot 108
Montague Dawson
The Brilliant Privateer USS Rattlesnake
oil on canvas  40 X 50 in.

Lot 11
Frederick Arthur Bridgman
A North African Courtyard
oil on canvas  20⁷⁄₈ X 33¹⁄₂ in.

Lot 6
Léon-Augustin Lhermitte
Glaneuses en avant de vieilles meules
oil on canvas 30¾ X 40 in.

Lot 45
Léon Perrault
Mother with Child
oil on canvas  39½ X 32¼ in.

Lot 70
Thomas Francis Dicksee
oil on canvas  60 X 33¼ in.

Lot 57
Eugen von Blaas
In the Water
oil on canvas  31⁵⁄₈ X 17³⁄₄ in.

Lot 33
Giovanni Boldini
Portrait of Baron de Rothschild
oil on canvas 36¼ X 29 in.

Lot 54
Edmund Blair Leighton
The Request
oil on panel  14 X 10 in.

Lot 73
Benjamin Williams Leader
Summertime:  Through the Hayfield, Worcestershire
oil on canvas  27½ X 47½ in.

Lot 31
Louis Béroud
Les joies de l'inondation (dans la Galerie Médicis)
oil on canvas  100 X 77⁷⁄₈ in.


eugubino said...

Great Post as usual !

smadesigns said...

Thanks for listing the schedule to see this work..

Lisa Argentieri said...

Stunningly beautiful paintings. Thank you for sharing. It will be interesting to see the sold prices.

Bert Heersema said...

Great works, p.s. did you watch your blog just to add /view

Main Loop said...

How did you grab the images to be able to post them on your blog? Most auction websites make it fairly easy to download from their website.

innisart said...

@Main Loop - Are you asking how I did it because you don't know how I went about it, or because of my comment on the quality of some of the enlarged images on Sotheby's online catalog for this sale?

Main Loop said...

I don't know how you went about it, and I wanted to grab some of the other images for myself. I don't see what comment you are talking about...?

innisart said...

@Main Loop I made the comment after the detail image of Bouguereau's Portrait of Gabrielle Cot. The resolutin on some of the images of the lots is low, so when enlarged, the quality isn't there (other auction houses are better about it, but Sotheby's looks like it is headed in the right direction).

Are you on a Mac? Saving images like these are easy on a Mac. Once I get the image full-size, I grab the image using command+shift+4, and dragging a box around what I want a snapshot of. If I want the whole page, I use command+shift+3. PCs must have something similar.

Main Loop said...

oh i didnt know you were just screen-capping the images

Morgen said...

I never thought I would see the Ross's give up their "Gabrielle Cot". I hope it goes for triple the estimate. Some consider it the Mona Lisa of the 19th century. I know I think it is.

innisart said...

@ Morgan The Rosses have put several paintings up for sale in the past that have surprised me. If I am not mistaken, this is the second time in the past 5 years Gabrielle Cot has gone to auction; obviously, it didn't sell last time.

Orkeo said...

Regarding saving images fm Sotheby’s online catalog :
I understand that you are making a snapshot, either of the wiewer, or of the whole page.
But do you have a tip to save the full picture in high resolution fm the Sotheby’s online catalog? Gabrielle Cot is really great here. We can see every detail of brushstrokes fm Bouguereau (Compared to that found on the website of the ARC, the difference is huge).
It would be really great to be able to save that stuff.
Thank you so much Matt, for your wonderful site, and all your good advice.

innisart said...

@Orkeo Thank you for the compliments.

If I'm not mistaken, I think you have to have paid membership now to even be able to see most of the Bouguereau hi-res images from ARC. Also, ARC's images vary in quality- I've seen several that they offer as prints that I'd not touch unless they paid me!

There might be add-ons in browsers such as Firefox which might enable you to download the zoomable images from Sotheby's; I don't know. When there has been a great image I've wanted before, I've been known to zoom in as close as possible, then do a screen capture. I might do 3 dozen that way, then put them back into a single image in Photoshop (then I share them on the blog).