Thursday, March 29, 2012

Artists on Art

Artists on Art is a new magazine with an old fashioned idea - if you want to understand artists' perspectives, then the best source for information is the artists themselves.  More than a century ago, when magazine publication was enjoying its heyday, there were more opportunities for artists to write about their personal philosophies on art, but in the twentieth century, those opportunities changed or dwindled.  Educated discourse on the arts by artists, began to disappear.  Such writing predominantly became the province of art historians instead, and when artists did express themselves, it was often through the filter of a critic's, writer's , or editor's hands and mind, with the unfortunate outcome that what made it to the printed page was often an incomplete expression of the artist's intentions.

Artists on Art hopes to put the artists back in control of their own published words.  Spearheaded by artist Ryan Mellody, this all-digital magazine plans on offering at least ten articles in each issue written by today's top artists.  The premier issue, released this past winter, has already been a success, with articles by Daniel Sprick, Susan Lyon, Daniel Keys, Julio Reyes, Carolyn Anderson, Dan McCaw, Douglas Fryer, and Casey Baugh drawing attention to this fledgling publication.

Table of Contents from the premier issue of Artists on Art

Subscriptions for the digital magazine start at $14 a year for four issues.  Once you subscribe, you can sign into your account and access your account from any internet-connected device.  For $18, you can also get a downloadable PDF version with each issue release.  For more information, or to subscribe, please visit the Artists on Art website.

Demonstration from "Light & Form & Dust," an article by Julio Reyes.


Jim Gibbons said...

I'm already a subscriber, and I have to say, that this is a great source of information and the format is fantastic. I'm so looking forward to the April edition.

boocat said...

I just signed up for the pdf version. Thanks for telling us about this. It's great fun.

watercolorpainting said...

Great source of information and beautiful photo's als well in THE new magazine!

UlrichaV said...

Thank You for the recommendation. Being based in South Africa, I would most probably only have heard of this publication ... well chances are in about 5 years from now, if I was lucky ... subscribed, reading and learning ... and enjoying every word !