Thursday, June 28, 2012

News From David Kassan

Kassan in the New York subway system during filming for APVM

The always busy David Kassan has somehow found the time between painting and holding international workshops to do some interviews and to design a new art product.  Look for him early next month sharing a drawing demonstration for American Painting Video Magazine, and next week, he will be introducing his new painting apparatus, the Parallel Palette.  The full-length drawing demo filmed in the NYC subway will be available for FREE July 1st at the APVM website, and the full, 13 minute time-lapse video of Kassan painting a portrait using his Parallel Palette system will be posted to Kassan's Youtube page next Thursday.  Also, keep your eye out for Kassan's Limited Edition Drawing Set, available from General Pencil, and featuring products from General and PanPastel, as well as a step-by-step drawing guide of one of Kassan's works.

The David Kassan Limited Edition Drawing Set from General Pencil

Visit Kassan's Youtube Page to see the full video.


Sergio DS said...

Excelente, thanks to all information.

Jason de Graaf said...

I can't believe he bought Beats..

M. Patrizio said...

I love the idea of bucket seating, you can carry all your supplies in it and then flip it over for a seat. said...

Neat stuff. Love the last video.