Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sneak Peak:
"Drawing the Line" at Arcadia Gallery NYC

Danny Galieote
Clandestine Persuasion
17 X 17 in.

Opening later this month at Arcadia Gallery in New York City is Drawing the Line, the gallery's first-ever group-show dedicated exclusively to drawings.  More so than paintings, drawings reveal the artist behind the work - they are one step closer to the mind of the artist, and they possess a visceral quality that paintings can sometimes lack.  With this exhibit, Arcadia gives this mode of expression its chance to shine.

Featured in the show are works from much of Arcadia's roster of well-known artists, including Jeremy Lipking, Michael Klein, Robert Liberace, and Julio Reyes (all of whom have been mentioned previously on Underpaintings).  Joining this talented group are two other artists new to the gallery, Richard Morris and Dorian Vallejo, both of who have devoted a significant portion of their recent output to drawing, and make an excellent addition to this exhibit.

Drawing the Line opens Saturday, September 15th at Arcadia Gallery's SoHo location in New York City.  Located at 51 Greene Street, the gallery is open from 10 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday, and from 11 AM to 6 PM Saturday and Sunday.  To see more images from the show, please visit the gallery's website, where the entire show will be available to view beginning on the day of the opening.

Richard Morris
10 X 10 in

Julio Reyes
Black Veil
35 X 29 in.

Casey Baugh
Face to Wear

Kerry Brooks
5.75 X 7

Kerry Brooks
That One Night
3 X 4

Danny Galieote
Revelation 1 & 2

Dorian Vallejo
Female Character Study
30 X 22 in.

Dorian Vallejo
Anime Rain
19 X 15 in.

Aron Wiesenfeld
25.5 X 19.5 in.

Jason Maas
3-D Movie
18 X 24 in.

Jason Maas
Movie Audience
24 X 30 in.

Michael Chapman
Towards LA (study)
5 X 11 in.

Kerry Brooks
Ashes to Ashes
5 X 4 in.

Kerry Brooks
4 X 4 in.

Ron Hicks
18 X 12

Michael Klein
28 X 21 in.

Robert Liberace
Figure in Profile
18 X 13 in.

Jeremy Lipking
20 X 13 in.

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