Sunday, January 20, 2013

Arcadia Gallery at the LA Art Show

Mary Jane Ansell
Girl Ashore
oil on panel
20 X 13.5 in.

New York City's leading venue for contemporary representational art, Arcadia Gallery, is heading west this week to give Californians a first-hand, sneak peek at works from the gallery's talented assembly of painters.  Arcadia will be participating in the LA Art Show, which, now in its eighteenth year, is the longest running exhibit and sale of its kind in the country.  With more than 100 galleries from around the world participating and an audience of more than 50,000 visitors expected, the Show is the largest on the West Coast, and Arcadia, from the examples of artwork shown here, figures to feature prominently among the exhibitors.

The 2013 LA Art Show runs from January 23 through January 27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  It will be held in South Hall J and K to accommodate all four sections of the exhibit:  Modern & Contemporary, Historic & Traditional, Vintage Poster, and The IFPDA Los Angeles Print Fair.  For more information, please visit the event website,


Thursday January 24, 2013 11am - 7pm
Friday January 25, 2013 11am - 7pm
Saturday January 26, 2013 11am - 7pm
Sunday January 27, 2013 11am - 5pm

Matthew Cornell
oil on panel
35 X 40 in.

Ron Hicks
Table for Two
oil on canvas
60 X 40 in.

Brad Reuben Kunkle
oil, gold and silver leaf, on panel
32 X 24 in.

Casey Baugh
oil on panel
24 X 16 in.

Gregory Mortenson
oil on canvas
50 X 24 in.

Jordan Sokol
Old Ghosts
oil on canvas
25.5 X 19.5 in.

Julio Reyes
Velada No. 2
oil and egg tempera on copper
10 X 9 in.

Takahiro Hara
Lucia Tumbada
oil on linen
28.5 X 39.5 in.

Dorian Vallejo
Freefall No. 1
oil on canvas
73 X 45 in.


d-vallejo said...

Ummmmmm... my painting is sideways. The title and angle of drapery all suggest that but I guess I better let the gallery know.

innisart said...

Ha, ha! Yeah, you might want to let Steve know, though to be fair, the gallery does have the measurements oriented correctly. Perhaps it was easier to shoot horizontally, and it just wasn't rotated before I got my mitts on the image. Horizontally, and because of the blue in the fabric, she looked underwater, rather than in free fall. I went ahead and rotated the image for the post. Great painting, Dorian!

d-vallejo said...

Thanks Matt. I sure do appreciate it. It's challenging enough to keep our emotions in check when we see how different our pieces look when other people photograph them but to have a painting sideways is just too funny not to mention. Thanks again.