Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"You be the Judge" Art Contest 2013

Portrait artist Brian Neher has been the beneficiary of some wonderful mentorship during his career, and he wants to pass that generosity forward.  To help out his fellow-artists, he began a free, online contest called "You be the Judge," where the winning artwork, as chosen by popular vote, earned for the top prize winner a cache of art supplies to help them in the pursuit of their artistic career.  This year, he has continued the contest, and this time around, with the help of several master artists and a few supportive retailers, the Grand Prize Winner will receive a prize package valued at over $8,000 (Unofficially, I believe the prize has now topped $10,000!).

"You be the Judge," is open to all artists worldwide, working representationally in wet or dry, two-dimensional media - oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, egg tempera, pastel, charcoal, pencil, etc..  The artwork must have been created between 2010 and the present, and can be of any subject matter (excluding nudes).  For the complete set of rules, please visit the "You be the Judge" website.

The competition will consist of seven, bi-weekly contests, with the top three paintings from each mini contest being automatically entered for the Grand Prize.  Submissions are now being accepted, with the first bi-weekly contest beginning February 18, 2013.  Best of luck to all who enter!

Richard Schmid (http://www.richardschmid.com) Signed HC copy of "Alla Prima" and "The Landscapes", signed limited edition lithograph $380

Dan Gerhartz (http://www.danielgerhartz.com) "Her Mother's Locket" DVD set $175

Joe Bowler (http://www.joebowler.com) DVD set $70

Brian Neher (http://www.brianneher.com) 5 DVD set $259.75

Morgan Weistling (http://www.morganweistling.com) 2 DVD sets $345

Scott Christensen (http://www.christensenstudio.com) 2 DVD sets $190

Mary Whyte (http://www.marywhyte.com) Signed HC copy of "The Working South" $50

Quang Ho (http://quangho.com) Set of 3 DVDs $315

Dean Mitchell (http://www.deanmitchellstudio.com) Signed HC copy of "Beauty in the Real: The Watercolors of Dean Mitchell" $60

Silver Brush Limited (http://www.silverbrush.com) Michael Shane Neal Bravura Basic brush set $225.95

Artists on Art magazine (http://www.artists-on-art.com) Full length article in the magazine featuring the Grand Prize winner (Value not yet determined) as well as a one year digital subscription $18

Blick Art Materials (http://www.dickblick.com) $200 gift certificate

ASW Express (http://www.aswexpress.com) $75 in Lukas paint

Jerry's Artarama (http://www.jerrysartarama.com) $100 e-gift card and Grand Prize winner featured on Jerry's Artarama blog.

Yale University Press (http://www.yalepress.yale.edu) HC copy of "John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes, 1900-1907, The Complete Paintings, Volume VII $75

Jack Richeson Co., Inc. (http://www.richesonart.com) $500 award certificate

Scottsdale Artist's School (http://www.scottsdaleartschool.org) Tuition for workshop of winner's choice $600

Plein Air Magazine (http://www.outdoorpainter.com) Half page ad in Plein Air Magazine featuring the artwork of the winning artist $1,950

Fechin Art Reproductions (http://www.fechin.com) Hard cover copy of "Nicolai Fechin: The Art and the Life" $125

Open Box M, Inc. (http://www.openboxm.com) $200 gift certificate

Pomegranate Communications, Inc. (http://www.pomegranate.com) HC copy of "Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey" $60

The Artist's Magazine (http://www.artistsnetwork.com/the-artists-magazine) One year digital subscription to the Artist's Magazine $16.96

Southwest Art magazine (http://www.southwestart.com) Half page ad in Southwest Art magazine for the Grand Prize winner $2,130

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