Saturday, February 2, 2013

Words of Wisdom: Harrington Mann (1864-1937)

Harrington Mann
Portrait of a Young Girl (1927)
oil on canvas
29 X 25 in.

"There is one thing about painting – you can be a student to the end of your days.  You can never learn all you want to know.  There is no end to adventure and experiment.  There is always a problem to be solved and there is intense pleasure all the time in trying to solve it."¹

¹ Mann, Harrington, The Technique of Portrait Painting, (Seeley Service & Co., London, 1933), p. 142.

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Anwar said...

Thank you Matthew for this reference. Mann seems to be a good link between European, British and American portrait painting studio practice. I was able to locate a copy of this book and eagerly await it's arrival!! There are a number of portraits I am to paint this year and this book will very likely assist.
Bravo to you!
Anwar Elder